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Luxury Sunless Tanning Salon


Our foundation was built on joy and luxury self-love while creating a safe and healthy lifestyle for your skin.

Not to throw shade, but all spray tan artists are NOT the same; superior training and continued education are paramount to creating the highest sTANdard for our clients. Master Spray Tan artist, Brittany, has obtained multiple professional certifications from top companies such as Spray Tan Class, National Tanning Training Institute, Colour Me Bronze, Pro Tan®, and the National Spray Tan Professional Association.

 To maintain an advanced level of artistry, she strives to stay informed of the newest techniques and trends in the spray tan industry by pursuing diverse educational and practical training across the country.

 Our spray solutions contain anti-aging and moisturizing benefits that promote a long, lasting tan with amazing fade. Experience the difference between 'an ok spray tan' and an amazing glow because we care about you and your skin.

Providing service to all ages, sizes, skin tones, and gender.  

488 Blue Lakes Blvd N | #103

Twin Falls, ID 83301

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