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Prep Instructions


- At least 24 hours before your appointment

- Exfoliating and shaving several hours ahead of your appointment will give your pores time to close and avoid discoloration 

- Using a loofah is not enough of exfoliation your skin needs. We recommend a body sugar/salt scrub or exfoliating mitt  


- Waxing, facials, mani/Pedi should be done at least two days before your appointment. Getting these services done right after your spray tan is a sure way to have your new gorgeous tan rubbed right off 


- Loose-fitting clothing ensures that no freshly applied spray tan bronzer will rub off

- T-shirt dresses, oversized shirts, and sweats, slip-on shoes, or flip flops are best. Avoid denim, bras, and yoga pants 


- Keep your body a clean canvas. Moisturizers and makeup can prevent the spray tan solution from sticking to your skin resulting in a patchy, uneven tan


- Your skin needs to fully absorb your spray tan. Give your body 2-3 days before an event to adjust to the tan to ensure your skin glows in the spotlight 


- Make sure you're drinking plenty of water before and even after. Staying hydrated not only keeps your skin healthy but also makes your tan develop to its full potential. Glowing from the inside out!


- It seems like a logical idea that if you keep your fresh spray tan on longer than the recommended time, that you may be "darker". We HIGHLY advise against this. Staying in a solution, especially a Rapid, beyond the time instructed results in an overprocessed spray tan- think brown/orange patches. Trust our professional recommendation as we base this on our assessment of your skin condition/type. 

Wax Appointment
Beauty Products
Prep-cancellation policy: We will not spray tan over a sunburn. For your skin health, if you are sunburned please reschedule 

After-care Instructions

DO NOT GET WET or SWEAT during your tan development time. (Your development time depends on if you receive Regular Bronze (8hrs) or Rapid Bronze (4hrs) hours to develop)

  • HANDS - During your development time, don’t touch the skin with fingers/palms. Even though we take care of your hands and feet during the bronzing session, you are responsible for maintaining them while the color is still developing.  Avoid touching areas of the skin that have recently been bronzed.  Wash palms and fingertips several times during the first several hours following the session but avoid getting the back of the hands/wrists wet. 

  • After the recommended development time, take a luke-warm shower to rinse off the bronzer. Using just the hands, rub the body to wash off any excess bronzer. The bronzer will wash off but the color will continue to develop! Be sure to rinse underarms, behind knees, and wrists well to get all the bronzer off or you may see streaking post-shower 

  • Moisturize twice a day and drink your water 

  • We sell the best spray-tan-safe products to extend the life of your tan and keep your skin healthy. STS (Spray Tan Safe)  body products that contain no soap- no parabens- no sulfates- no mineral oils include our Tan-Extender lotion that contains DHA (the ingredient that makes you tan), body wash, sunscreens, body lotion, and bar soaps. 

  •  Avoid spray sunscreens. They’ll strip the color completely. Use only STS sunscreens to extend the life of your tan

  • Take luke-warm, quick showers to extend the life of your tan.

  • When you are ready for a fresh tan, exfoliate as needed throughout the week until the tan is completely gone. Start taking hotter, longer showers or baths.  This will help speed up the exfoliation process; skin that’s free of all sunless tanning products is needed for best results. Then you’re ready for the next tan!



- Tan Extender Lotion (With DHA)

- Sunscreen

- Body Wash

- Glow Soap Bar + holder

- Whipped Body Soap

- Body Lotion (No DHA) 

- Facial Tanning Mist

- Whipped Sugar Scrubs for exfoliation (Not STS - best for removing old tan and skin prep) 

The following is a list of items to avoid after your spray. They have been researched, tested, and confirmed to be found to prevent, lighten, and even make a sunless tan blotchy.

- Dove soap and shower gels will fade a tan faster

- Bath and Body Works products, Neutrogena, and Victoria Secret is known to be full of parabens and sulfates, and tons of drying alcohols have adverse effects on a spray tan

- Curel Lotion 

Hair inhibitor lotions (Jergens) have been found to turn a spray tan yellow 

- Anti-aging products 

- AHA ( glycolic, lactic, malic, citric, and tartaric acids) 

- Retin A type products

- Toners containing alcohols or witch hazel 

- Bar soaps, especially the deodorant types 

- Usage of loofah, scrub mitt, - we recommend a washcloth for daily washing 

- Removal of adhesive tape or bandaids

- facial masks and exfoliating scrub

- Waxing and depilatory hair removal 

- Shaving exfoliates the skin which fades your tan. Please use a clean sharp razor with a lubricating product (like hair conditioner) that will not damage a tan. a dull razor scrapes off more skin- and tan.

- Pat dry after ashower, do not rub

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